How to do Personal Growth

Are you aware of your self?

For this question you may say: Yeah i am aware of my self for sur. I know my favorite food , color, hobbies etc etc . BUT! the question is about your self awareness. Are you fully aware of your emotions? your behavior? Do you have skill to manage your emotion? Okay, if or if not. Just have a look below and then try to figure out where you lay.

Self awareness:

Self awareness refers to the understanding of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. The more you will be aware of yourself the better you can cope with your daily life situations. For example: Someone badmouth about you at your back and you hear it from someone else now its time to react accordingly. First just be relax and think for what do you want? Do not get too emotional like start weeping, just don’t let others say what they want. Go to meet the person who said it for you, and then with more pre behavior talk to them without caring them if they stronger than you. Remember if you talk with them by being totally aware of what are you saying and what will be it’s result. It will make you more confident and good for your personal growth.

Self Worth:

One of the most important thing that people lack is self worth. giving importance to your own self. I have seen many many people who do not give their self a fuck. they just relay on others opinion what others are saying is just perfect. We are not like others and we can never at that stage Blah Blah! . Listen my pookie you can only be respected by others when you start giving your self the actual importance . Like you might have seen your pretty faced class fellows always known by every teacher, you know why? they are building more and more self worth in them . They are making others to accept them. So, what you have to do is to give respect to your self Yes!!! You are pretty , Yes you can do anything Yes you can be even better than them. JUST VALUE YOUR SELF BECAUSE YOU ARE IMPORTANT FIRST.


Now this is mandatory to establish boundaries. Do not available every time for them. Don’t let others to ruin your personal time, space and moment. You know if you let others to interfere in your matters e.g just a very simple example you don’t want anyone to text you after 10 o’clock or you don’t want anyone with you when you are in kitchen cooking something, So, just deliver this thing to them that at this particular time you want any interruption from anyone. this will make everyone to start respecting to you and it also put an impression on them that you are really a disciplined person and will play a role in self growth. Oh!! you are thinking that they will say that you are so for setting boundaries , LET THEM BARK!

Emotional Control:

One thing you have to do in your self growth journey is to NOT CRY at every single fucking situation. Babe your tears not gonna solve your problem instead they will even make you sadder. I know sometimes you need to cry you need to take out the burden with the pool of tears Okay do it But DO NOT CRY IN FRONT OF OTHERS. It is your weakness and will become their strength.

The People: The Heart of the Destination

But the true heart of any destination lies in its people. Throughout our journey, we\’ve had the privilege of meeting local artisans, passionate conservationists, and friendly locals who have shared their stories and welcomed us into their community. Their warmth and hospitality remind us that travel is not just about seeing new places, but about forming genuine connections along the way.

Reflections on the Journey

As our journey comes to an end, we\’re left with more than just memories. We\’ve gained a deeper understanding of the world, a greater appreciation for its diversity, and a renewed sense of wonder. And so, we head home, our hearts filled with stories to tell and a longing for our next adventure.